Junk Removal & Property Preservation Services by Reliable Labor Services

Reliable Labor Services is a full-service, licensed and insured junk removal service. We work diligently to clear your homes and property of any unwanted trash and debris. We will pick up almost anything and everything at our client’s request. We hold an ABC  (Assigned Background Compliance) number from Aspen Grove, the industry standard in the mortgage industry to ensure you are working with a legitimate vendor. To learn more about the ABC number and what it means please visit

A few examples of jobs we do include (no paints or chemicals):

■ Single Item Pick Up
■ Home Cleanouts
■ Garage Cleanouts
■ Garage, Basement, Backyard, & Attic Cleanouts
■ Office Cleanouts
■ Commercial, Warehouse/Factory, Public Storage Cleanouts
■ Construction, Industrial, & Job Site Cleanouts
■ REO/Foreclosure Property Cleanouts
■ Construction & Demolition Services

Our services include the pickup and removal of any unwanted appliances. Upon removal, we will donate any salvageable appliances that are still in good, working shape, while recycling the remaining items that no longer serve a purpose. It’s our mission to conduct our job in a way that promotes green living and keeps our environment happy and healthy.

We arrive at the job with vehicles designed to handle the task. Our simple process begins the moment you contact us. We offer fair estimates and upfront pricing. We call our customers before we arrive to confirm the appointment and to let you know when we will be arriving. When we arrive, just point to the junk that needs to be removed and we will get to work!



Items we can remove:

■ Air Conditioners
■ Refrigerators & Freezers
■ Dryers & Washing Machines
■ Ovens & Stoves
■ Dishwashers
■ Water Heaters & Furnaces
■ Computers, Monitors, TVs, Printers, and Other Electronics
■ Exercise Equipment
■ Bicycles



Trash Removal & Hauling Prices

Prices are based on cubic yards and include labor and disposal fees.

■ Single Item Minimum: $85
■ Up to 2.5 cubic yards: $105
■ Up to 3.5 cubic yards: $125
■ Up to 6.5 cubic yards: $225
■ Up to 9.5 cubic yards: $325
■ Up to 13 cubic yards: $425

Text us a couple photos at different angles to (916) 203-0456 for an easy quote!

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