Turn your black and dingy concrete into a safer, cleaner, slip-resistant walkway. We not only power wash with a top of the line rotary surface cleaner machine.

Our process can lift contaminants, lessen oil stain appearance, and provide a deep clean while removing algae, mildew, dirt and allergens. We accomplish this by pre- and post-treating with a professional grade concrete cleaner and degreaser without leaving stripes as a typical pressure wand may create. Our surface cleaner leaves a uniform cleaning pattern and our sprayer also uses much less water comparatively.

* Oil stains can be removed to a less visible stain but, may not always be completely removed.

Why Clean Concrete Matters

Even if your property’s rust stains aren’t bothering you now, there are a few aspects to consider: the fact that rust stains will only grow over time. This will make them more unsightly and more difficult to treat. Like most problems that arise on your property, prompt action typically leads to an easier and more desirable outcome.

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